Thu 12 Jul 2012

Kathryn Williams Presents: The Pond



A career stretching through almost 13 years with nine albums and even a coveted Mercury Prize nomination for her second release. So why don’t more people know about the boundless talents of Kathryn Williams?


Her new project, The Pond, could be about to change that as she takes a different route on the well-travelled folk path and collaborates with musicians Ginny Clee and Simon Edwards bringing a freshness to the project. Kathryn has been synonymous with the folk genre for over a decade but it seems that the collaborative nature of this current project is pushing her even further than before producing some of her most innovative work to date.


The new project sees Kathryn’s delicately intricate guitar work and whispering vocals combined with more modern elements which undoubtedly come from the collaborative influence now present in her work. Kathryn also seems to be exploring a slightly darker side of her persona with this new project exposing a more melancholic depth not seen on any previous releases. It’s not all doom and gloom though, and it’s pleasing to see the group’s open attitude to varied influences, showcased particularly well by their collaboration with rapper Kirsch.


The Pond’s innovative spin on the genre could be just the thing to put Kathryn Williams and her collaborators into the wider public consciousness where they belong.