Thu 5 Jul 2012

Introducing… Pure Love

Frank Carter and Jim Carroll are Pure Love. You may recognise former Gallows man Frank, who has left behind his hardcore-punk vocals for something altogether lighter, almost erring on the pop side of rock.  Bandmate, Jim Carroll is also turning his hand to something new after his own hardcore past as part of The Hope Conspiracy and The Suicide File.
Although the new moniker also seems like a chance for Frank to fully rid himself of his hardcore past as the frontman of Gallows, Carter was almost too prolific as the leader of his previous artistic outlet for people to give separate the two groups and give Pure Love an honest chance. But once you accept that Frank has put his Gallows career to rest and give Pure Love a shot you can appreciate their new sound for the entity that it is on its own without comparing it back to his hardcore past.
If anything, Pure Love showcases Franks’s vocal abilities on a higher level than he would have ever been able to achieve in his previous outfit. Pure Love highlights the simple fact that underneath all that screaming there was always a vocalist with impeccable range and tone. His sense of humour hasnt been dampened by the band change either, with new track “Handsome Devil’s Club” showcasing the laughing sneer with which he tackles most topics in his lyrics.
Carter certainly seems like he has retained his intense stage presence and swagger, if early reviews are anything to go by, Pure Love look set to be a much needed breath of fresh air onto the British rock scene.