Wed 27 Jun 2012

Introducing… The Psychedelic Furs



The legendary Psychedelic Furs are back on the road for a headline tour this June and July for a look back at their extensive back catalogue.


Since forming all the way back in 1977 the band were a major part of the emerging punk scene in England. They found success with their first album release in 1980 which took them across the world with fans across Europe and even Australia.


But the Furs hadn’t reached their forte yet as America financially caught on to their gritty talents with their next release which brought them chart success on yet another continent. Their hit track “Pretty In Pink” also fed inspiration to the young producer John Hughes who brought his cult classic of the same name, to the big screen several years later.


The band took a break from their heady days as the psychedelic furs but even after exploring side projects like Love Spit Love, they’ve returned to the Furs moniker to settle some unfinished business in 2000.


Countless new artists have seen career highs and lows, many have faded away forever, but the Psychedelic Furs remain as relevant as ever, decades on. Whether you were at a Furs show in their early days or are a brand new fan, you’re sure to be blown away by their unbeatable stage presence and skill.

Check out the video for their classic tune “Heaven”: