Mon 19 Mar 2012

Introducing… Yelawolf



Meet Yelawolf, aka Michael Atha. After spending his early years bouncing between Alabama and Tennessee, and witnessing life on White America’s trailer parks/ Black America’s ghettos, Michael turned this exposure into a fresh and exciting career as one of the USA’s newest rap superstars.
His love affair with rap music began by chance when his mother was host to a group of friends who happened to be the road crew for Run DMC. The kid who had grown up with Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll became exposed to songs like ‘My Adidas’ and The Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere”, and the rest, as they say, is history.
His big break came in 2010, when his independent release “Trunk Muzik” excited the music press, leading to numerous magazine front covers, a record deal with Ghet-O-Vision/Interscope Records followed by a partnership with Eminem’s label ‘Shady Records’.
Although he’s been releasing music since the early 2000’s, his new album ‘Radioactive’ is being treated as his debut. And based on his success so far, there’s no way you would want to miss one of the four UK shows he has planned in May.
Check out the video below of Yelawolf working alongside our own brand spanking new superstar, Ed Sheeran…