Wed 10 Aug 2011

Interview with… AZARI & III


WE had the pleasure of catching up with Azari & iii in the run-up to their gig at London’s XOYO on August 11th  and there’s still a chance to grab your tickets from Gigs and Tours.

  What are you up to at this very moment?
 Alixander III: We’re 200% live right now, it’s an ever evolving and mutant experience, come say hello soon we’re all over the place!
Your show at XOYO is next week, what can the audience expect?
Alixander III: It looks like Sex Pistols 1978. 
What is your favourite song to perform live?
Dinamo Azari: Reckless (With Your Love) or Manic always gets the best reception
Which song do you wish you had written?
Dinamo Azari: Songwriting is a very personal emotion, words find their way into peoples hearts.  On a non-house edge I relate to people like John Lennon who had the right idea, Aldous Huxley stimulates my curiosity, Jimi Hendrix was high & Madonna was provocative. We try and bring all these elements together when we can.
Plans for the rest of the year?
 Alixander III: Stay sane, go crazy…
Dinamo Azari: Keeping ourselves interested and inspired to create pieces of art that help people to think, relate & act.  To continue to explore music together. Travel the world with it and remain future neutral in the process!