Thu 14 Apr 2011

Introducing… Katy B


2011 is undoubtedly the year for Katy B, standing out as the perfect popstar with the killer combination of sass, swagger, lyricism, a uniquely powerful voice and immersion in the London club culture.

Tipped as ‘the Florence of Funky’ this girl is about to shake up the underground with her soulful uptempto music produced by heavyweights in the UK dubstep, garage and grime scene. She has created irrestible pop-dubstep that has garnered fans from all ages and all backgrounds due to its new-found accessibility and credibility.

Katy is bringing the alternative to the mainstream, as she popularizes dubstep by collaborating on tracks with Magnetic Man, Geeneus, DJ Zinc and Benga on smashers like Perfect Stranger, Lights On and Katy on a Mission.

She encapsulates everything that is British youth culture today, with a voice and looks to boot. Katy has an immensely raw talent that has already guided her to the top of the charts with songs that define the first half of this year – but make no mistake, she is only set to get bigger and better. Mark my words!

So if you know what is good for you then you will not miss the opportunity to buy tickets for her upcoming tour in October.

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“Mature, insightful lyrics wrapped in the richly soulful texture of her voice” – Camden Crawl 2011.