Thu 31 Mar 2011

Review… The Prodigy at Milton Keynes Bowl



World’s On Fire – The Prodigy Recorded Live at their own Warrior’s Dance Festival, Milton Keynes Bowl, July 2010

I had the absolute pleasure of being one of the 65,000 fans in attendance at this show-stopping gig last summer in Milton Keynes. This was to be my second time at a Prodigy gig – the first was at Exit Festival in Serbia three years previous  where I lost all of my friends, my bag and shoes in the stampede that ensued as soon as the band opened with ‘Breathe’ –  so you must forgive me for feeling a little apprehensive about seeing them perform in a venue three times the size.

But after taking up a nice spot with space to breathe and dance with my friends, I prepared myself by watching the awesome warm-up acts of Chase & Status, Pendulum, Enter Shikari, DJ Zane Lowe and Does it Offend You Yeah? The crowd were loving it, I was loving it, all was forgotten about the space I created to breathe. There was no space. I could not breathe. But I didn’t care. The support acts only made me more excited for the imminent onslaught that was coming as the Essex dance-rockers took to the stage to play their endless bone-shaking hits. A day of solid dancing and partying would normally destroy the most hardcore of people, but the crowd still had bucket loads of energy.

‘World’s On Fire’
– the perfect song to ensure nobody was going to be throwing in the towel too soon. If the crowd weren’t at their best before the band came on, they were certainly whipped up into a frenzy now. It was the perfect song for sending the 65,000 fans into absolute chaos, and the perfect song to guarantee losing your friends, bag and shoes again. Yet somehow I didn’t care one bit this time. If I wanted to be dancing with my friends all night in the same space then I would have gone to a Michael Bublé concert, not a band led by the crazy Keith Flint. I was jumping around without a care in the world and experiencing one of the most incredible yet ferocious live perfomances I have EVER seen. This was a real gig, not a poor imitation with the band turning up late, strumming a few tunes then walking off again. These guys know how to do it in style, arriving on stage with two ambulances suspended from the roof before belting out 17 tracks with classics like ‘The Omen’, ‘Firestarter’, ‘Breathe’‘Faders Must Die’ and on and on and on (I don’t want to give too much away!)

It was full-on destruction from start to finish, and one gig that I will never forget. And with ‘Outer Space’ sounding out as the crowd thinned out, I’m pretty sure I too, was in outer space.

“Nothing can prepare you for the sheer ferocity of The Prodigy” (KERRANG).

A Warrior’s Dance of epic proportions… not a single stationary body in the audience” (Rock Sound).

“Vulgar, garish and perfectly old school… as incendiary as ever”

So for those of you who have never seen The Prodigy Live, this gig is the ultimate in their history, if not the ultimate gig in the history of any band. ever. (I think you get the idea of how much I loved it). So what an absolute treat that this showcase will be shown in cinemas up and down the country for one night only, TONIGHT!!! The film was directed by award-winning director Paul Dugdale who shot the film with close direction from the band. They also played a part in engineering the audio, which will be in 5.1 surround sound. The film also has unseen footage of the band in Brazil and exclusive behind the scenes shots.

DO NOT MISS OUT on this incredible opportunity to witness the untouchable live performance in a unique cinematic surround.

Find out more at The Prodigy’s Official Website, and make sure to buy tickets before they sell out… you do not want to miss the chance.

Tickets are available now from the box office, online at or via the 24 hoc ticket hotline on 0871 220 1000, with Insider Members receiving a special priced of only £7 – Join now for free at: General tickets are priced at £10. < /span>

Watch the preview here: