Thu 31 Mar 2011

Introducing… The Airborne Toxic Event


The LA indie-rock quintet are pitching up on our shores in April for a string of gigs in Manchester and London. The band will be debuting their brand new album ‘All at Once’, the follow-up to their first album: the self-titled ‘The Airborne Toxic Event’. It will be released through Mercury on 18th April, with the single ‘Numb’ being the first to be aired from the album.

And in a unique spin, each track from the album will be revealed with a series of accoustic videos every Tuesday in the run up to its release – you can watch the exclusive live previews that have been running since 15th February on the band’s website now!!

What sets the group apart from the rest is the incredible writing talents of lead singer Mikel Jollet, who has the ability to have the listener hanging off his every word with his articulate and emotional lyrics free from any trace of ego. It is perhaps not too hard to believe then, that he was an aspiring novelist before forming the band.

You could say that The Airborne Toxic Event happened by chance, it was only after Mikel went through some dark days in his personal life that he began playing the guitar as a way of forgetting his troubles. He recalls that it was when he penned around 50 songs in a month that he realized he had the ability to become a singer-songwriter, thus quickly setting about forming the band – and aren’t we mighty glad he did!

Check them out for yourselves when they come to the UK in April.