Fri 11 Mar 2011

Interview with… Saves The Day

Saves The Day is evolving once again. After the departure of long time member David Soloway in 2008, along with Mannuel Cerrero and Durijah Lang in 2009 (who left the band to focus on former group Glassjaw), Saves The Day hit the road rocking all their classic tunes with a brand new look. Arun Bali, Rodrigo Palma and Claudio Rivera, now join Conley to round out the Saves The Day lineup. It is with these new members that the band will record Daybreak.
Saves The Day are coming to London’s Electric Ballroom on Tuesday 26th April, onsale now.

Saves The Day speaks to Gigs and Tours…..     
What are you up to at this moment?
I’m currently listening to the Violent Femmes while marvelling at the beauty of our magnolia tree.
 You’re touring soon what can the audience expect?
We play a variety of songs from our catalogue, reaching back to our first few albums while rocking new and obscure songs as well.  
Will you be playing any new material or a mixture of your back catalogue?
Since the band has over 100 songs, it can be tricky to select the right amount of old and new material to play.  I’m proud of all our releases, so we rarely leave an album unrepresented at a live show, and our fans have come to look forward to hearing a cross section from all the eras of Saves The Day.
How long did it take to record your new album and what where your main inspirations?
I believe we spent a total of 3 months or so tracking the album.  we referenced a lot of 90s indie rock records in the studio, going for certain guitar sounds or searching for the right attack for the drums.  it seemed appropriate to honour the sound from our favourite records from the 90s, since I was listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins, Archers of Loaf, and Sunny Day Real Estate while composing the songs for the album.  after figuring out the right angle for production, we focused on putting our collective heart into the performances, really feeling the emotional content of the lyrics, and reaching for the higher aspects of our inner selves at the same time.
 What is your  favourite song to perform live?
My favourite song to perform live is “Where Are You?” from In Reverie.  It’s an odd composition
with a heavy backbeat and haunted melody.
Where has been your favourite gig?
My favourite concert to date was our show at Madison Square Garden with Green Day and Blink 182
Who has released a stand out album this year?
I think Anthony and the guys from Bayside did a killer job on their new album Killing Time.
Which song do you wish you had written?
I wish I had written “Live And Let Die” by Paul McCartney.
 What was the first gig you ever went too?
The first show I saw was Aerosmith at the Spectrum in Philadelphia when I was 13 or 14.  To this day, Aerosmith is the best live act I’ve ever seen.
 Plans for the rest of the year?
We’re excited to tour in support of our album Daybreak and we’ll continue writing new material for an album to be recorded in 2012.