Wed 2 Mar 2011

Introducing… Brother


Meet Brother, the self-proclaimed ‘lad band’ comprised of  Leonard Newell, Josh Ward, Samuel Jackson and Frank Colucci. Brother are making waves for their confident swagger and raw edge to their music, which has been dubbed ‘Gritpop’. The boys are set to embark on a UK tour in May to show their fans that they are bringing back Britpop with aplomb.

They remain true to the meaning of Rock & Roll, with no need to create new sounds just to please the alternative music scene. Paying homage to the 90’s rough and boorish music scene, these four lads are here to create noise with their anthemic songs and self-assured attitudes. You would be forgiven for feeling like you had been transported back in time, when Oasis and Blur were competing for best rock band and a cocksure belief in their talent was overly apparent.

Despite their likeness to 90’s bands, it is refreshing to have them bringing it back and providing us with music that will have us singing the catchy choruses and emulating their confident airs. With honest and gritty lyrics set over loud guitars, their gigs are set to be boisterous and lively affairs to show that these boys mean business. They are here to revive the lost age of true British Rock & Roll, and will certainly make noise in 2011 when they go on their first tour!

Let their music do the talking here: