Wed 16 Mar 2011

Big Country UK Tour

Thirty years after they first  broke onto the scene with their Celtic rock music, Big Country are going on the road again. April will see them touring across the UK with new lead singer Mike Peters taking the place of the tragic Stuart Adamson who sadly passed away in 2001 after battling a long alcohol addiction.

The original line-up haven’t toured since their ‘Final Fling’ in 2000, which ended in their adopted hometown of Glasgow before the untimely passing of Adamson. But due to popular demand from their cult following of fans, the band have re-formed and are due to play a string of dates up and down the country.

After exploding onto the scene in 1983 with classic songs such as ‘Fields of Fire’ and ‘In A Big Country’, Big Country went on to release 8 studio albums all of which entered the top 10 charts. Their best remembered album was ‘The Crossing’ which gained them worldwide recognition and made critics draw comparisons between them and U2.

They haven’t released a single since ‘Fragile Thing’ with Eddie Reader in 1999 but the band remain in the consciousness of their fans because of their unique rock music and anthemic songs. They want to make a tribute to their friend, celebrating his life by leaving a space for him onstage where he would have stood. ‘Mark’s in goals at the back and then Jamie and Tony are the wingers and Mark and I are like inside right and left. We leave the centre-spot vacant. It’ll always be vacant coz nobody will take his place. The audience – they can be centre stage cos they sing the loudest’ says band member Bruce Watson.

They will be supported by Mike Marlin on all their dates, whilst Crowns will be joining them when they perform at Portsmouth, Manchester and Oxford. Station Parade will be performing with the lads at Cambridge, London and Sheffield; whilst Sam Lloyd will be there for the Bristol gig.

Get your hands on tickets to see Big Country when they come to a city near you next month.