Wed 16 Feb 2011



So it was that time of year again, everyones favourite music event show was once again upon us, occupying our usually boring Tuesday evening with music from the UK’s best talent.

And what talent we appear to have: from the spine-tingling vocals of Adele; to the harmonised intimate show by folk favourites Mumford & Sons; the mesmeric performance by the ultimate male rapper Tinie Tempah; and the dramatic stage-production of Plan B. It seems that there is no end to the genius of British music.

For the first time ever, artists had the chance to vote alongside record company executives and industry figures to make the show more ‘about the music’. There was no room for manufactured pop this year, no reality tv girl and boy bands cluttering up the stage and robbing awards from real raw talent like the lovely Laura Marling. Her shy and mumbling acceptance speech proved just how genuinely in love with music she is, it’s not about the winning or the need to play up for the cameras. Quality music was thus celebrated like it should be, and there was no more of the bubblegum pop music and cheesiness that was once typical of the Brits.

It was great to see the Take That boys back together, winning best band 21 years after they made their debut. With a storming perfomance of their new single ‘Kidz’ the boys showed everyone just why they are once again at the top of their game.

Best British Album was awarded to the four-piece folk band Mumford & Sons, another example of musicians who play because of their love for music. They also put in a captivating performance which had the effect of drawing the viewer in with their melancholic harmonies and quiet stage presence, proving once again that the music comes before the in-your-face spectacle that the Brits were once responsible for.

And where there was a storming and loud performance, it was coupled with excellent live vocals in the form of Plan B. His stage show featured a mash-up of two of his hit singles ‘She Said’ and ‘Prayin’ whilst having a riot acted out on stage in a lively display to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. He was thus, quite rightly awarded Best Male Solo Artist.

Another male who done extremely well on the night was Tinie Tempah, winning British Breakthrough Act and British Single for ‘Pass Out’. His stage-production and medley of hits also went down well with the audience, proving he was another worthy winner.

To take the focus away from the boys for a second, the incredible Adele must be praised for her stripped-back performance of ‘Someone Like You’, accompanied only by a piano to show off her vocal range. She has paved the way for fresh female talent to emerge, with ‘Sound of 2011’ winner Jessie J being presented the award for Critic’s Choice. It is obvious why the fresh new talent has sold-out her upcoming debut tour.

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Away from the brilliancy of the British artists, International perfomances and awards were dominated by Arcade Fire, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Cee Lo Green. After their success at the Grammy’s, Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire triumphed by receiving awards for International Group and Album, followed by the perfomance of the night where they showed off their musical brilliance.

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All in all, it was a great night to celebrate British music with polished perfomances and no gaffes taking the shine off the deserved winners and performers. The theme that it was ‘all about the music’ was mastered perfectly and UK music deserves a pat-on-the-back for the talent that has emerged over the years. We can’t wait for the Brits 2012!!

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