Wed 23 Feb 2011

Introducing… Janelle Monáe


Janelle Monáe has been generating a lot of hype recently for her unique androgynous style and refreshing uptempo soul music. She has been hailed as one of the most exciting up and coming talents of her generation; and when she embarks on her UK tour she will be sure to prove this acclaimation to everyone lucky enough to see her perform.

Deemed to be the female André 3000, she is a born performer who can sing and dance, with a stage presence that sets her apart from her R&B and Soul contemporaries. Many people have praised her for bridging the gap between R&B and indie, enabling her to amass new fans along the way. Her enthusiasm and determination to succeed has been rewarded with nominations from prestigious awards shows like The Grammy’s and The MTV Awards. And with her new sci-fi inspired album The ArchAndroid making waves, it’s only a matter of time before she starts winning the awards.

P. Diddy was one of the first to recognise the Kansas native’s talent after discovering her music on Myspace: he was so blown away by her distinctive voice that he signed her to his label Bad Boy Records. And proving her worth to everyone, she is in such demand that she has also been signed to Atlantic Record.

Janelle is destined for big things and her gradual rise to prominence will help her fresh-sounding music grow at its own pace, ensuring that she is not just a one hit wonder. Her black and white themed look is instantly recognisable and confirms that she is not just another generic singer who changes according to what is popular in todays music scene. This is why Janelle deserves all the hype she is getting: it’s only a matter of time before she is the talk on everyone’s lips!

Check out the video for Janelle here:

On her UK tour she will be supported by the hotly-tipped ‘next big thing’ CocknBullKid who has been praised for her impressive vocal range in her fresh pop music. She is set to take the charts by storm with her sixties-inspired single Hold on to your misery which is on the soon-to-be release album Adulthood. Her individual sound and inspiring lyrics are supported on the  album by dubstep, electro and steel-drum productions; and influences come from Madonna, Morrisey and electro-pop groups.
Her live vocals are superb, and on stage she has a confidently cool swagger about her which instantly draw you in – making you aware that she means business and will show everyone who listens that she is indeed ‘the next big thing’.

Catch these two incredible acts when they commence their UK tour at the end of this month; you will be guaranteed to fall in love with both of them!

In the meantime, check out the video for Cock&BullKid here: