Fri 28 Jan 2011

Interview with… Good Charlotte


Ahead of their UK headline appearances as part of the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour next month, Good Charlotte take some time out to have a quick catch up with GigsAndTours….

GigsAndTours:   What are you up to at the moment guys?
Good Charlotte:  We’ve just got off stage in Berlin, sitting in the dressing room.

G&T:   You’re touring the UK next month, what can the audience expect?
GC:      We haven’t been able to play many shows since the release of ‘Cardiology’; it’s been all promo and random shows up until now so we’re excited to get out and play the new songs.  It brings a new energy to the show.

G&T:   Will you be playing any new material or a mixture of your back catalogue?
GC:      We are playing a few songs from every album.  We asked our fans online what they wanted to hear and pulled out some old stuff too.

G&T:   What’s your favourite song to perform live?
GC:      Currently it’s ‘Let The Music Play’.  It’s the first song on ‘Cardiology’ and it translates really well live.

G&T:   Who do you think has released a stand out album this year?
GC:      Well it’s fairly early in the year so we haven’t bought much music yet.  The newest thing i’ve bought that i’m loving is Skrillex-Nice Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

G&T:   Which song do you wish you’d written?
GC:      We get this question all the time and for sure it’s Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’. Such an amazing song!

G&T:   Any surprises in the pipeline for your UK performances?
GC:      If we told you it wouldn’t be a surprise! We’ve got a great light show and a few stage props we’ve never had before.  It’s a big high-energy show; all the fans will get their money’s worth for sure!

G&T:   Plans for the rest of the year?
GC:     After the UK/Europe tour run we’ll be doing a North America tour and then we hit Japan and Australia.

Good Charlotte will be headlining this year’s Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour which kicks off in Dublin next month before heading to the UK.  Alongside Good Charlotte, you can also see performances from Framing Hanley and Four Year Strong in what promises to be an amazing show and the Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour’s 6th anniversary!