Tue 13 Jul 2010

T in the Park 2010: The Highlights


T in the Park!




Scotlands biggest festival was back with a bang this year with headliners Muse and The Prodigy stealing the show.

Not even the rain could stop showmen Muse from putting on their usual energetic perfomance and getting the crowd to sing along to classics such as ‘supermassive black hole’, ‘hyseria‘ and ‘uprising‘. Lead singer Matt Belamy bounded onto the stage wearing a metallic silver suit, doing a series of strange dance moves, and basically preparing the crowd for what was to be an amazing night. If this performance is anything to go by then the stadium shows are set to be electrifying.

Headling the NME stage is never an easy job but mad trio, The Prodigy, made it look, ‘scuse the pun, like a walk in the park. The crowd were jumping for the whole set as The Prodigy, with their usual couldn’t care less, freespririted attitude, hypnotised the crowd with hits in the form of ‘breathe, ‘firestarter, ‘poison and invaders must die‘. Being one of the best live bands around, they’re definatly worth watching if you get the chance.




Also giving excellent perfomances at t in the park were 30 seconds to mars, skunk anansie, the drums and paloma faith.