Mon 5 Jul 2010

Interview with… Rick Witter (Shed Seven)


Following last year’s phenomenal UK Tour, Shed Seven announce details of two special festival warm up shows in Liverpool and London in July and August respectively!

The five piece band, who enjoyed a run of fifteen consecutive Top 40 hits including Chasing Rainbows, Going For Gold and Disco Down from 1994 to 2003 and have an enviable reputation as a live act, are hitting the road in preparation for their appearances at T in The Park and V Festival.

We asked front man Rick Witter some questions about the shows and the band.

1. So Rick what are you up to at this moment?
On a bus listening to Band of Horses, but the power has just gone and the music has stopped! I’m going to Shrewsbury to do our first gig of 2010, ah, the music is back.

2.Your about to go play warm up festival shows at Liverpool O2 Academy next Thursday and London O2 Academy Islington in August, what can the audience expect?
At festivals we don’t play for that long and the sets will be hit heavy so it’s nice to be able to play a longer set and chuck in a few less obvious songs. There will be a few that weren’t aired on the last tour.

3. Will you be playing any new material or a mixture of your back catalogue?
At the moment it’s still just from the back catalogue, we’ve dipped our toes in regard to new stuff but too early to say where it’s taking us yet.

4. After a sell out tour across the country last year, what is your favourite song to perform live?
It differs every night but you can’t beat it when you play something like Chasing Rainbows and the whole crowd sings it with you.

5.Who has released a stand out album this year?
I was enjoying Band Of Horses until it stopped!

6.Which song do you wish you had written?
Too many good songs to choose I’m afraid, it would take me a lifetime to say….

7.You’ve been a band for nearly 20 years, what’s the key to band’s success and longevity?
We had a break for a few years which helped,it gave renewed vigour to the all new shed machine…

8.You’re appearing at T in the Park and V Festival this year….any surprises in the pipeline for the performances?
We’ve approached The Proclaimers about a mash up of 500 miles and Disco Down for T in the Park but we haven’t heard anything back from their people yet.

9. Plans for the rest of the year?
We’ve got the festivals to play of course and we’re currently in talks about plans for 2011…

10. If you were to send someone to prison for crimes against music, who would it be?
Music is for everyone and no-one at the same time. I’d rather just ignore them than send them to prison…

11. What’s your favourite animal and why?
I’ve yet to meet my favourite animal but I’m sure they are out there somewhere waiting to meet me.

12.If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?
I would have dead powerful hearing so I could listen to what the crowd say to each other during a gig. If necessary I could then stop the band and remonstrate with them..

13.What were you doing last night at 11?
I was finishing a bottle of wine and waiting for a call from The Proclaimers management. It never came…

Don’t miss out on seeing Shed Seven Live, they will be coming to:

Thursday 8th July Liverpool O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
Friday 20th August London O2 Academy Islington 0844 477 2000

Tickets are £16.50 regional / £17.50 London

Click here for more info on Shed Seven.