Fri 11 Jun 2010

Interview with… Ed Harcourt


The wonderful Ed Harcourt comes to Manchester Deaf Institute and London’s Wilton Music Hall next week and we got the chance to ask him 10 questions about his new album “Lustre” and what we can expect from the shows….

1.Ed you are about to go on tour, what can the audience expect especially playing in the Manchester Deaf Institute and London Wiltons Music Hall?
It’s gonna be a nice tight squeeze on stage, we have the Langley Sisters performing in support and then on stage with my self and the guys, so it’ll be an 8 piece band. Our touring budget did not permit us to have the bodypopping spider monkeys and the human cannonball so you’ll just have to put up with the music.

2.You’ve released your new record “Lustre” on your own label which is out this week, how has that process been?
Well I’m very lucky to have such organized and galvanizing folk behind me; I’m completely chaotic and disorganized when it comes to this stuff. I’m learning a lot about the financial pitfalls of having your own label, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons, I’m the CEO, A & R man and President!

3. You recently previewed songs from Lustre at the Pigalle Club last month; will you be playing mostly new material or a mixture of your back catalogue?
We’ll be trawling through my back catalogue of HITS as well as performing ‘Lustre’. Offers & heckles are welcome.

4.What is your favourite song to perform live on tour?
Until tomorrow then!

5. As a mercury prize nominee yourself who has released a stand out album this year?
Black Keys; Foals; Magic Numbers; Gil-Scott Heron; Band of Horses; Johnny Flynn; Plan B; Laura Marling; LCD Soundsystem

7.You’ve composed music for films in your career, anything in the pipeline?
Yeah maybe, a film for Frank Whaley set in New York

8. You’ve written a song for upcoming artist Lissie, who will you be working with in the future? Lots of them, Alex Clare who’s signed to Island, making his record with Diplo, Lisa Marie Presley, Paloma Faith & various new artistes beaching on the musical shoreline.

9. You’re appearing at Glastonbury in a few weeks, anything special lined up for the 40th celebrations and who are you looking forward to see there?
I just pray we’re all alive by the time we go on. We’re on the Greenpeace stage. I really want to see Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Midlake, Stevie Wonder….there’s so many…

10.Plans for the rest of the year?
Touring this record until Xmas around the world hopefully, film scores, producing a few records in general, hopefully staying on the straight & narrow, writing my next album.

His new album ‘Lustre’ is released on Monday and for more info go to
Ed will be coming to Manchester next Thursday 17th June and London 18th June….don’t miss out……